WE don’t count reps and write meal plans.  But that’s what personal trainers do right?

They spend from 6am till 10pm  keeping count and shouting…

“you can do it, one more”

…….Until they’re blue in the face whilst dishing out meal plans.

That maybe some personal trainers but that’s not our focus here at Optimal.

The first reason we don’t really do this is because we’re not really personal trainers.

We’re coaches, we don’t just train, we  guide, support and educate you throughout your journey with us.

We’re not here to shout, blind with science, count reps and do everything for you.We’re here to help change your life and make sure you get exceptional, long lasting results in a simple, enjoyable way.

The second reason is because it can be a waste of time and we like to be as efficient as we can thus allowing us to help as many people as we can.  We want you to learn so that one day you have enough information to make your own choices and don’t need our coaching.

We’re not here to baby anyone.

No one needs us to count for them and put their weights away for them, you are all capable of doing that.

The bonus of not wasting time is we can coach more people at once. which is why we do small group training.

The beauty of small group training (4 – 6 people training together) is it creates a situation where…..

several people can gain the benefits of the coaches knowledge at the same time.

At a fraction of the price that an individual coaching session would cost.

The last reason we don’t do the usual Personal training stuff is because spoon feeding and molly-coddling doesn’t help anyone in the long term.

To make long lasting progression you need to LEARN what to do and why, otherwise  when your coach is not around you’ll be back to square one looking for someone.

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