Confidence. Power. Strength.

Located in Silchester, Optimal, our 2500 sqft facility has everything you could possibly need to achieve you health and wellness goals, be that weight, strength or performance related. Our team of coaches with over 18 years experience combine to create immersive,  life changing, results based coaching. 

…Chasing the kids in the park, fitting in those skinny jeans or conquering an obstacle race… A few of the goals set by members on our 28 day body transformation projects. 

Current gym user? Optimal is a gym, minus the judgement, minus the posing and minus the queues. Come in, work hard, go home… Simple. We give you more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

If chalk dust and compound lifting are more your thing, Optimal has a full range of Watson Strength equipment and two lifting platforms. Perfect for some new PB’s.